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Top Quality Carpentry Services In Perth

Considering a refresh for your home with a new layout or build outs? Looking to liven up your garden with timber gathering spaces designed to last decades? Carpentry services can open the door to creativity to change existing homes and businesses into updated spaces that meet changing needs.

Carpentry work, including new structures, repairs, refurbishments, and renovations, require a comprehensive knowledge of design, regulations, and equipment. You should only trust your property to an expert with years of experience, licensure, and certification.

With Bob Fougere Carpentry, you never have to worry about the quality, timing, or budget for your project. We treat every customer like family, working with you to outline a project from high quality materials that will meet your every need. From style to structural security and everything in between, our team will make sure your home, garden, or business shines.

We love all things timber-related, and Bob Fougere is an expert in working with it! We offer a range of services for any size carpentry or home improvement project including:

We would love to chat with you about your upcoming project. No matter how big or small your need for carpentry services Perth, call us on 0439 090 287 or fill out our quick request form.

Why you need a carpenter for your project

When it comes to small repairs or projects, many homeowners enjoy being about to go it alone. And while there’s definitely pride that comes with DIY, it can work against you to try projects that should be left to the pros.

For one, you can get injured if you take on a project that is out of your league. You can also damage any materials that you buy for the job, costing you extra in the process. Depending on your project, you may also need permits that only a licensed professional can apply for and perform the work on. You can also take advantage of the connections that a carpenter has with other tradies for more complicated projects where an electrician or plumber might be needed.

How long do carpentry projects take?

This depends on the exact kind of work you need. For starters, if you need to apply for permits, you may wait a bit to receive the right approvals. Your carpenter will also want to be sure that they have all of the necessary materials on hand before getting started. The rest is a result of how complicated your work request is. Hanging new cabinetry can take a day once the space is cleared. Hanging doors can also be done fairly efficiently. If you need new doorways framed out or added, this could take a few days depending on how much is hiding behind the sheetrock. For decking, you could be looking at several days. The best path here is to ask your professional carpenter for an estimate based on your project scope.

What does carpentry cost in Perth?

Depending on the carpenter you choose, you may be charged either an hourly rate or a flat fee for the work (based most likely on their hourly rate). Rates start around $32 per hour but can reach $120 per hour for projects that are more involved or require finesse. The average comes out to between $50-80 in Perth and the surrounds. Here are some example projects and the average cost in our area.

Carpentry Job Average Cost
Timber decking $3,500-6,500
Pergola construction $3,000-5,000
Custom built furniture $2,000-4,000
Timber doors $300-1,500
Patio building $6,000
Flooring installation $7,000-12,000

Why should I choose Bob Fougere Carpentry?

Bob Fougere has over 20 years of experience in home improvement and carpentry. He is known throughout Perth as reliable, dependable, and honest. We have a five-Star rating on Facebook primarily for our beautiful timber decking products and outdoor structures. When you choose us, you will also gain access to a network of third-party contractors for any home improvement project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpentry Services in Perth

Can I do home carpentry projects myself?

Not really, unless you are a qualified and certified handyman with years of experience. There is a large difference between performing a service and performing a service well. Many construction-related projects are not for the faint of heart and take time, patience, and commitment to complete. You’ll want to make sure that the work that’s done on your home is stable, supported, and secure. This applies to anything from wall removal to new decking to installed cabinetry. Relying on an experienced carpentry service Perth is a better option to ensure that your project is done right.

Do carpenters have to be licensed?

There are no carpentry licensing requirements. But Bob has 20 years of experience as a carpenter and is certified and insured to operate. We also offer a 12-month workmanship warranty on all products to ensure you are receiving the best standard of service. We operate in compliance with all of the health and safety regulations in Western Australia and use the latest technology to maximise worker and customer safety.

Can carpenters read blueprints?

Absolutely, it’s often a necessary part of the job. While an architect or designer may draw up plans for a space, a carpenter is responsible for using those plans to create the final product for a customer. This includes measuring, marking, and building out materials for anything from cabinetry installation to wall framing.

Are carpenters and joiners the same?

These trades overlap but are not the exact same. Joiners tend to create furniture, framing, and components from wood to specification in a workshop. On the other hand, carpenters do most of their builds at a job site and will often install or work with the materials put together. Some master carpenters are qualified as both based on years and years of experience.

Can carpenters do residential and commercial work?

Many professional carpenters can work on both types of projects. Both residential and commercial projects present their own unique challenges as well as requirements for permits and approvals. Be sure that wherever you have a need for carpentry, you ask potential pros about their practical work experience with your specific project type.





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