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Durable Composite Decking & Timber Decking Perth

Composite decking & timber decking is a very popular addition in Perth and all over Australia because it offers so many benefits. In terms of return on investment, decking with timber boards rates quite high compared to other home improvements. And as an area for you to enjoy with family and friends, it’s also a great investment. It can be easily turned into a patio once you add a table. 

You can even make use of composite decking, which requires far less maintenance, and lasts up to 30 years. Bob also do maintenance work and replace a lot of rotten timber, barge boards, fascia boards and tile scribe boards. And if you use Bob Fougere, you can be sure you are getting a premium quality installation that is built to last, affordable, and durable. Bob has 20 years of experience working with timber and installing decking. 

Check out the Bob Fougere Facebook page for more information on our successfully completed decking projects in Perth. We have a 5-star rating, and most of these ratings are specifically for the installation of timber decking or patios. 

For durable, affordable, and high-quality decking in Perth, call Bob on 0439 090 287 now!

What is timber decking?

Timber decking is simply a ‘deck’ (or floor, but outdoors) that is made of wood. Because it is outdoors, it has to be finished in such a way that it can withstand the elements. This can form an essential part of a verandah, patio, or pergola. It has many applications and looks very stylish and natural as compared to metallic or concrete structures. 

What are the uses of timber decking?

You could use it to extend your living or dining area outdoors. In this instance, you would typically be building a patio outside, with an entry to the living area. If you have a verandah outside the house, material for timber decking is ideal for the floor. It provides a much warmer feel than stone, metal, or concrete. You can use it as an entryway to your front door. Or you could build a completely standalone deck beyond the house, placing a roof and wooden structure over it to provide an area for comfort and relaxation. There are too many applications of timber decking to go into in detail. It depends on how creative you are and what you are looking for!

What is a timber deck made of?

A timber deck can be made of many materials. The two broad categories are timber (of which there are many subcategories) and timber composites. Wood composites are made from the scrap materials of standard wood (such as Cedar, Pine, and Redwood). The fibres are then mixed with plastic to provide a material that is environmentally friendly and built to last. Like typical wood, there are many kinds of wood composites to choose from. It depends on your preferences and what you are looking for. Some people simply love natural love, even if it requires more maintenance and does not last as long.

Which is more expensive, composite or timber decking for Perth?

All things considered, composite decking is less expensive in comparison to timber. It is hard to give exact figures as there are so many varieties of both composite and pure timber. But composite lasts nearly twice as long against timber, at 25 years against 15. Timber boards will need to be maintained yearly with sanding, oiling, and staining. So while the initial cost of timber is cheaper, the end cost of maintenance will far outweigh the wood composite.

Call Bob Fougere Carpentry Services for exceptional timber decking, an area he has extensive expertise in - 0439 090 287.





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