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Commercial Carpentry Experts in Perth

When it comes to commercial projects, it can be difficult to find a carpenter that is an exact fit. While some will only work on large, long-term projects, others will take on any project but charge ridiculous amounts and zero experience to match. Perhaps worse are those who quote services at a low cost but never show up or provide substandard services.

Quality, reliable carpentry done on time and on budget is critical for business success. New store or facility launches need to remain on schedule without sacrificing integrity. Remodeling or renovations that take too long cost companies more than the repairs themselves in extended closures, inconvenienced employees, and dissatisfied customers.

Bob Fougere Carpentry understands commercial carpentry and the unique demands these businesses, structures, and spaces face. We are the premium carpentry service provider in Perth with over 20 years of experience. With our friendly team and top quality work, your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

We keep everything crystal clear for our customers. You’ll be well informed on progress and deliverables throughout so you can plan accordingly. Our pricing is competitive and we always aim to offer the best solution rather than what best fits us. For Bob, every project is important and every client is treated like family.

What is a commercial carpenter responsible for?

A commercial carpenter will have a broad list of responsibilities that varies based on customer or project requirements. There are many areas of specialization, and a good commercial carpenter is always looking to extend their domain of knowledge as much as reasonably possible. Commercial carpentry in Perth might include any of the following:

  • Interpreting drawings to create an item or component
  • Laying out or designing items or components
  • Cutting or shaping timber using hand or power tools
  • Joining or fixing timber using nails, staples, screws, or adhesives
  • Checking accuracy using rulers, levels, plumb bobs, and framing squares
  • Installing fixtures and finishes
  • Conducting maintenance and repairs
  • Building custom furniture or storage
  • Making forms for other projects

How do I identify a reliable commercial carpenter?

There are a series of questions you should ask a carpenter (or any tradesperson, for that matter) before doing business with them. Some of the things you should be asking include:

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Are you a registered business?
  • What type of warranties do you offer?
  • Are you licensed and insured for this type of work?
  • What type of client testimonials can you share?

If they answer positively on the above questions, then you know you are dealing with a reliable carpenter. Ideally, you should look for a contractor with 10-15 years of relevant experience to know you are dealing with an expert as opposed to a carpenter who is still finding his feet.

How long can carpentry for commercial projects take?

This entirely depends on how complex the job is. While some carpentry jobs can take a few days, others can last over a month or even longer. It is good to get an estimate on the timelines beforehand. A contractor should also be able to give you an indication whether you will be able to remain open for business or whether they can perform work off hours to limit disruption.

How much does commercial carpentry cost in Perth?

Again, this is hard to estimate without knowledge about your specific project needs. Pricing is usually based on hourly rates plus the cost of materials. So the larger the project, the more time and supplies will be needed to do the job right. Hourly rates average $80-120 for most commercial carpentry projects.

Why choose Bob Fougere for commercial carpentry Perth

Businesses in Perth trust Bob Fougere to provide them with carpentry services for a number of reasons including a proven track record over 20 years in the business. We understand the unique challenges that commercial spaces face from new builds to refurbs.

We focus on building long-term relationships based on top-tier service at an unmatched price. You can contact Bob and his team on 0439 090 287 or send over your project details for a fast free quote today.

Frequently asked questions about commercial carpentry Perth

Does carpentry come with a warranty?

This can vary from contractor to contractor, but you should always choose one that backs their work with a guarantee. If anything unexpected arises, you can rely on a warranty to help you avoid costly repairs and replacements. For example, all of the carpentry work done by Bob Fougere comes with a full 12-month warranty that gives customers complete peace of mind.

Is a licence required for commercial carpentry in Perth?

There are no specific licensing requirements for carpentry in Western Australia. However, registration is required for projects that:

  • Exceeds $20,000 in value
  • Are performed in a prescribed are
  • Require a building permit
  • Are regulated under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011

Any business that enters a contract to provide building-related or construction services over the value of $20,000 for restricted building work must register as contractors. So, if the commercial carpenter will be working on walls and structural forms that exceed $20,000, they must be registered as a contractor.

Can I keep my business open during a remodeling project?

In many instances, this can certainly be done, but it is important to plan in advance so your contractor can accommodate you. This is also largely dictated by how extensive your carpentry project work is. A phased plan can help you move stock or seating around as the carpenter moves throughout the space from day to day. They can also work with you to make sure you are in compliance with all safety regulations that apply to operating a business during a renovation.

Are customer testimonials important when choosing a carpenter in Perth?

Absolutely! Reading reviews benefits more than small or residential projects. You’ll want to work with a commercial carpenter with a lot of experience doing projects similar to yours. Take the time to look online at reviews across Google and related websites. And you should feel comfortable asking for references. If they aren’t open to introducing you to former customers, you might not want to become their next one!

Can I make changes to the plan once a project is underway?

Yes, but it could become more costly for you. For one, the permits and approvals are based on a set plan. Major structural changes will require resubmitting plans, which will cost more in fees and delay the project overall. Smaller changes for finishes and furnishings are easier to accommodate. A commercial carpenter can try to use the materials that have already been purchased, but it’s also possible that they will need to order more to meet your new request.





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