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Creative Owner Builder Projects in Perth, WA

If you want to exert control of the construction of your residential property, then an owner builder permit could be an excellent choice. You can dictate the materials that you use, the people you work with, and all other pieces of information that are critical to the successful completion of owner builder projects in Perth, WA.

Of course, this approach does come with a number of pitfalls. You are responsible for all of the hectic details that come with full authority, from materials sourcing to insurance. While it can sound like a fun adventure, it can quickly turn into a financial nightmare if you are not highly organised with years of technical experience in the home building industry.

This is one reason why you should collaborate with Bob Fougere for quality owner builder projects in Perth, WA. Bob has a reputation as a reliable and dependable home improvement & carpentry specialist. You will get solid quotes and straight answers to all queries. Not to mention access to a list of qualified, licensed, and insured third-party contractors.

Talk to Bob at 0439 090 287 to launch your new and exciting  project in Perth, WA!

What does an owner builder do?

You will be responsible for pretty much everything that goes on. This kind of permit is not the same as a building license. An owner builder will have certain skills and expertise in construction. So if your main trade is in construction and you would like to supervise the construction of your own personal home, then you might want to look tackling the job yourself. You can call Bob Fougere Carpentry Services to collaborate on the project.

Why should I use Bob Fougere for my owner builder project in Perth?

Bob works with an extensive list of licensed, insured, certified, and dependable tradespeople. This network includes plumbers, electricians, gas fitters, carpenters, cement workers, metal workers, and more. Not only will you be getting access to this list of contractors, but you can work with Bob, an industry professional with over 20 years of experience, has a fantastic history of successfully completed projects, and is a master when it comes to timber-related products. Quotes are fast and free, and Bob is easy to work with.

How do I get a permit for owner-builder projects in Perth?

First, you will have to obtain approval from the building services board. Next, you will get an owner-builder permit from your local government through an online application. To obtain approval, you will have to demonstrate that you have the requisite experience. If you are registered as a building practitioner, then this should be enough for qualification. Keep in mind that a permit is not required if the work done is less than $10,000. Home renovations do not require owner-builder permits. Only residential construction requires such permits.

What are the restrictions of the owner-builder permit?

You can only apply for one owner-builder permit every 6 years in Western Australia. There are some rare exceptions to this rule, namely if the getting a permit for the same area of land as the earlier owner-builder permit. Most applications are processed within 5 weeks, and you may be contacted for additional information. Of course, the permit is only the first step. You then have quite a big job to coordinate!

What is required to work on owner-builder projects in Perth?

You have pretty much all the responsibilities that a home builder would have. This includes the sourcing, ordering, and delivery of materials required to complete the build. It includes the coordination of all the third-parties and tradesmen to get the project completed. It includes satisfying all taxation, legal, and insurance requirements. Potential problems can arise in certain instances. Make sure that all the tradesmen are licensed, insured, and certified to operate. There are many occupational health and safety standards to adhere to - the red tape surrounding the homebuilding sector is enormous. 

Bob Fougere Carpentry Services has a network of licensed, insured, and certified tradespeople for owner-builder projects in Perth, WA. He is also compliant with all the health and safety standards. You can work on the creative aspects while Bob sorts out the technical details. 

Call Bob on 0439 090 287 to collaborate on an exciting owner building project now!





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