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✔️12-Month Workmanship Warranty

✔️20 Years Of Experience

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✔️On-Time Project Completion

✔️Reliable & Friendly

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Why Choose Bob Fougere Carpentry?

Finding the right tradesman can be hard. Some will give you an incorrect quote. Others will supply you with the wrong product. More will simply do sloppy work while rushing to the next job. And this is precisely why you should choose Bob Fougere carpentry as compared to the competition. Because, for us, it is not merely a ‘job’. It’s a passion and a livelihood. Because we take pride in our work, we simply can’t let a job go unfinished without meeting all the requirements and exceeding them where possible.

And these are not merely idle claims! We have solid client testimonials to back it up. Bob Fougere has been in business for over 20 years. Customers choose Bob Fougere Carpentry because we are a reliable, friendly, & certified service with over 20 yrs of experience. The entire Perth metro is covered by us, and by our timber-based works of art.

We offer fast and free quotes and a huge range of home improvements to bolster the price, appeal, and structural strength of your home or commercial residence. Check out our gallery of successfully completed projects for more information on what we do. We are also active on Facebook where we showcase our finished products to potential and past clients.

Call us on 0439 090 287 and you’ll see what we mean!

Why should I really choose Bob Fougere carpentry & home improvements?

There are very few reliable and affordable carpenters in the Perth area. Trying to find solid carpenters can be difficult. With Bob Fougere, you simply don’t have to worry. You can talk to Bob on the phone - 0439 090 287 - and realise that you are dealing with a practical and dependable carpenter who takes his work seriously. You will be quoted fairly and be updated on all developments on your project, whatever they may be.

What are the main advantages of Bob Fougere carpentry and home improvements?

With 20 years of experience, Bob has an edge over much of the competition when it comes to woodwork. The focus on specific areas of timber, such as decking, pergolas, and home renovations, adds another level of specialisation. Finally, the quality of work ethic and customer service are very hard to find. It’s easy to get caught up and fail to give projects the time and dedication that they require, but we are careful to take on work that we can complete to a high standard.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Absolutely. A 12-month warranty comes on all finished products. This means that if you notice any defects within this time period, you can call us and we’ll be out asap. Of course, we aim to provide only the best products and services, and you are unlikely to need to call this in. The work is built to last for as long as possible.

What do your customers say?

Bob Fougere Carpentry Services has many customers around Perth and the wider region of Western Australia. And the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We like to foster a positive relationship with all customers. Check out our Facebook page to see what we do and what our customers are saying.

How much do your carpentry services cost?

This is not possible to answer in isolation? We need to know exactly what the project is so that we can give a quote. Different projects require different materials, have different completion times, and will take longer or shorter time periods. It will also depend on third-party contractors that will need to be utilised to get the job done.

The good news is that you can easily call Bob on 0439 090 287 for a fast and free quote!


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