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About Bob Fougere Carpentry

Bob Fougere Carpentry Services operates throughout Perth, Western Australia. Offering complete carpentry and home improvement service performed by a highly experienced, friendly trade certified carpenter. We take pride in providing all clients with quality workmanship, delivered on time, for an affordable price.

Bob Fougere is the owner and operator, he has over 20 years of experience in the residential and commercial construction industry, specialising in home improvements. Bob has an extensive network of reputable tradespeople, who can support him in delivering any home renovation project. If you're unsure where to start with your next home improvement project, give Bob a call and he will happily guide you through the process.

We at Bob Fougere Carpentry Services stand out from the competition for numerous reasons. Because of our expertise in home improvement, we don’t blindly recommend changes or enhancements to one room without taking the entire home or commercial residence into account. This foresight and attention to details prevent problems from cropping up down the line. We don’t move until we have an air-tight plan in place and we’re sure that the improvements are exactly what the client is looking for.

Call us today on 0439 090 287 and see why we claim to be a top carpentry and home improvements provider in Perth, WA.

What is best about Bob Fougere Carpentry?

20 years of experience combined with a genuine need to actively collaborate with clients on their personal dreams sets our company apart from the rest. We enjoy what we do and aim to share our expertise with customers looking for carpentry and/or home improvements. We are able to visualize what you want and see the bigger picture in terms of what would work and what wouldn’t.

Will I need to hire other services to get the right home improvement?

Bob and the team are capable of handling a vast array of home improvement functions. We can complete the structural work, demolishing, patching, plastering and finishing. Obviously, there will be some specialised areas that you will need to consider. For instance, you need a license for plumbing and electrical work. We can help, but we can’t break the law! Regardless, we will let you know the scope of what we provide and what work will remain to be done. We can work with a number of contractors to get this done, which is better in terms of project coordination.

Are projects always finished on time to project specifications?

We can’t say the projects are always finished on time. But given the standards in the home improvement industry, we are well above the average. As we work closely with reliable contractors and are motivated to do a good job, we have an excellent track record in completing projects by the deadline to the agreed specifications. It is a rare occurrence when things do go awry, not the usual expectation associated with extended construction budgets.

What services does Bob Fougere provide specifically?

We provide a range of home improvement services. We can complete practically any timber related project, such as decking, gazebo, and roofing. Check out our home improvement portfolio to see what we have to offer. We do minor and major renovations for commercial and residential projects. We also provide demolition, plastering, finishing, materials sourcing, structural work, garden refurbishment, and more.

How do I find out more about Bob Fougere Carpentry Services?

Call us today on 0439 090 287 for more information about Bob Fougere Carpentry Services! We have two decades of experience and many satisfied customers in the Perth area. Because we have been genuine in our attempt to improve people's homes, we have a strong reputation as a reliable, dependable, affordable, client-centred carpentry & home improvement company. Information is easy to find and publicly available.


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