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Dependable Home Maintenance Perth

Maintaining your home is just as important as buying the right materials and installing them in the correct way. Many people make a mistake in the sense that they shell out for the best appliances and structures but then don’t take the right steps in order to maintain them. Correct maintenance can give you an extra 5 - 10 years out of your timber decking, garage doors, front doors, roofing, roof plumbing, and many more areas. Maintaining your home regularly in Perth can actually save you a lot of money. 

Of course, this is only the case, where you complete the right maintenance. Get in touch with Bob Fougere Carpentry Services if you are interested in maintaining your home to the highest possible standard. Bob has over 20 years of experience in many different fields including home extensions, home renovations, home maintenance, residential carpentry, commercial carpentry, roofing, and a range of other areas. 

Call Bob on 0439 090 287 for dependable home maintenance in Perth.

What is home maintenance?

This is a generic term relating to the overall maintenance of your home. There are many areas of your home that need to be attended to. Primary areas can include decking, the garden, the roof, painting of walls and kerbs, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and replacing broken lights, door handles, and hinges. There are plenty of areas that need to be maintained on a yearly basis, and some more regularly. Other areas to consider would be air conditioning units, garage doors, and security features such as locks and sensor systems.

Why is home maintenance important?

Good maintenance will save you money. The more you maintain your products, the longer they will last. To put it simply, imagine if you never got your car serviced. The tyres would wear out, the oil would run down, and the coolant would be empty. And these are just the basics! It will also let you know of potential issues that you would not spot if you did not check them in the first place.

How do I stay on top of home maintenance?

The same way you stay on top of everything else. Get out a piece of paper (or an Excel spreadsheet) and make a list of what needs to be maintained and when it needs to be maintained. This might sound pedantic, but it works. Otherwise, things will simply rust, fade, or break. Make January your ‘maintenance month’ where you look at the primary areas of maintenance. It might be a good idea to divide the maintenance into interior and exterior. Alternatively, you could divide it into functional maintenance and cleaning.

What maintenance services do you provide in Perth?

As experts in many areas, Bob Fougere Carpentry Services can assist with multiple aspects. We can make sure the roofing, downpipes, gutters, front door, and timber decking are well-maintained so they last as long as possible. We can also advise on how often to treat your timber-products and what the best material for treatment would be.

What is the best way to complete home maintenance in Perth?

As previously mentioned, the best way would be with a simple checklist. Once or twice a year, engage in the services of a deep cleaning specialist for your whole home. This will settle the majority of interior maintenance. For maintenance of core appliances and products, choose a month to focus on upkeep projects. You need to check your roof, windows, front door, thermal efficiency, garage door, air conditioning, and timber decking. Typically, these will need to be inspected and maintained once a year. 

To streamline your home maintenance and save some cash, why not call Bob Fougere for a fast and free quote on 0439 090 287

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