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Expert Pergola Installation In Perth

A pergola is a wonderful way to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors without breaking the bank or suffering. They are more lightweight than other structures due to the fact that they have no walls and look much more appealing out in the garden. It’s certainly a lot more lightweight than a heavy concrete shed, which isn't the best for the environment!

But not all are made to the same standard of care. At Bob Fougere Carpentry Services, we can give professional advice firstly on whether or not they are the right choice to make, and secondly on the dimensions, proportions, and materials. 

Keep in mind that they are not typically built to enhance home value - it is a space designed for those who love to be outside and want to talk to friends in nature. You could say that the more technology, lighting, and appliances you have, the less your structure is likely to be called a pergola. It’s a call back to nature and a place to get away from the stress of the 21st century. 

For expert installation so you can relax 100% in nature, call Bob Fougere Carpentry Services on 0439 090 287 today!

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is essentially an outdoor structure made of wood. It extends your living area so you can enjoy the great outdoors. They do not have walls or a roof. Obviously, we can create one with a roof added on to ensure protection from the rain and the sun. The word comes from the Latin word ‘Pergula’, meaning ‘projecting eaves’. They were initially designed to support plants.

What are the benefits of a Pergola?

They look great and provide an open space to enjoy the outdoors. It can be right next to your home but are most often found in the garden where people can enjoy a bite to eat or a glass of wine. These structures is essentially as close to nature as you can get, with a bare timber structure surrounded by plants. Often, vines are wound throughout the lattice.

What is the point of a Pergola?

As previously mentioned, adding one will not really enhance the value of your home. Especially compared to renovations, remodels, or timber decking. It is a place where you and your friends can enjoy the outside world and escape for a while. It is best described as ‘quaint’, a simple structure for those who want to be around plants as they eat and converse with family and friends. You can add a roof to it for added protection. Even those who like nature can’t ignore the power of the wind, sun, and rain!

What is the difference between a Pergola and a patio?

There is little separating the two. The patio is more common, as it will often have a roof. Pergolas use trees as shade and are built to support plants. Patios are more ‘modern’ with roofs, and will typically incorporate timber decking as well. Both are areas for dining and recreation. The patio is often built next to a house, while the pergola will be separate, in a garden setting.

What is the difference between a Pergola and a Verandah?

A verandah is always attached to the ground floor of a building. The name comes from India, meaning a place that leads outdoors’. Basically, the space around a property that is under shade/roofing is known as a ‘verandah’. It will often be accompanied by timber decking and separates the outside garden from the front door. 

Get a beautiful looking and quickly installed pergola, call Bob on 0439 090 287 now!





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