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High-Quality Roof Plumbing In Perth

Getting a solid roof is a big step and an important decision in terms of enhancing the quality of your home. But roof plumbing is almost equally as important. It determines how the rain, snow, and debris flows off of your home, through the downpipes, to eventually flow off the property into the underground water system. You don’t want backed up water in your gutters when the temperature goes below zero. The added weight can even collapse your roof!

This is just one reason why you should engage the services of Bob Fougere. Bob has 20 years of experience in the carpentry and home improvement industry. Most roofers will do a good job of installing the roof but a poor job in terms of installing the gutters and roof plumbing. Because they view this as a side job. With Bob Fougere Carpentry Services, the whole project is taken into account. So you can get a roof, and roof plumbing, that lasts for many decades with minimal maintenance. 

Roof plumbing is its own separate area and many regular plumbers are not used to installing gutter systems or working in elevated conditions. But Bob Fougere is more than comfortable on a roof or on the ground.

Call Bob on 0439 090 287 for high-quality roof plumbing in Perth now!

What is roof plumbing?

Roof plumbers work with gutters, downpipes, spouts, roof flashing, rainwater tanks, and roof leaks. All of these ‘fixtures’ have one thing in common - they stop water from entering your home! A roof plumber will also be responsible for ensuring that the water does not pool in certain areas. If this area was to freeze, it could compromise the structural integrity of your home.

What is the difference between roof plumbing and regular plumbing?

Many people think that all plumbing jobs are the same. And they couldn’t be more wrong! Try asking your regular plumber to climb on the roof and fix a gutter, and you’ll be told the difference quite quickly. Roofing plumbers do not work with taps and pipes, which is what regular plumbers work with. Roof plumbers are concerned with ensuring that water stays outside the home and flows to the right place. Regular plumbers work on the inside of homes to ensure that the water supply is adequate and to make repairs.

What are the different kinds of gutter systems?

There are many kinds of gutters, and they come in a variety of materials - wood, steel, copper, aluminium, vinyl, etc. However, the material, important as it may be, is only the first step. You have the choice of seamless or sectional gutters. Seamless is rare but effective. It means that the gutter is made to fit your home. 

The benefits of this are obvious, as most gutters fail due to wear at the connecting areas in sectional gutters. You also need to choose between round or square, the diameter size, whether or not to get gutter guards, etc. The quickest way to decide is simply to call Bob Fougere on 0439 090 287 for some streamlined information!

When should you hire a roof plumber?

You will hire a roof plumber when you notice any problems with your roof. If you have a leak or if your gutters are not working properly, then you will need to call a roof plumber quickly. Better yet, call Bob Fougere to install your roof so that you don’t get a leak in the first place! A roof plumber is also required when you have issues with the downpipes, gutters, or spouts.

What is the best material for roofing?

If you do notice a leak don’t ignore it. Not even for a few days. While it may be tempting to leave a bucket underneath the opening or to ignore the problem because it’s the middle of summer, the problem will only get worse. Mould and mildew could develop, and the rafters could get damaged. Small amounts of moisture can have disastrous implications on the inside of your house.  

If you are in need of roof plumbing in Perth, call Bob Fougere now at 0439 090 287.





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