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Many people fail to understand the significance of formwork. Most of the rest don’t even know what it is!

Formwork is a mould into which wet concrete is poured. The wet concrete hardens, and you have your structure. Depending on your purpose, different kinds of moulds will be more or less suitable. While there are many modern types, this method has been used for hundreds of years to build all kinds of structures. It is nothing new, though the regulations sure have tightened up in the past century!

Bob Fougere provides elite formwork in Perth and can add construction expertise that goes beyond the form itself. There are many materials that you can use as well as different kinds of bracing. Moreover, the measurements have to be precise in the first place. It’s little use having excellent formwork to support a structure that is not correctly measured!

Bob Fougere has two decades of experience with formwork, home improvements, carpentry, and many other ‘forms’ of building-related activity. All of the health and safety regulations are adhered to while using high-quality structures for holding the wet concrete. 

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What is the significance of using forms?

Forms are basically the mould that is used until the concrete is ‘formed’. It is where the name comes from as it creates the form or basic structure. These moulds have many benefits and applications. It allows the rapid development of concrete structures. It increases worker safety. It increases the speed of project completion, which also means it reduces overall costs dramatically. The quality will also affect the surface finish of the concrete, and this has to be considered.

What are the different kinds of formwork?

There are 3 primary kinds. The first is engineered, for use in industrial construction. These are essentially giant sheets of steel or aluminium and can be reused hundreds of times. Timber forms are the most common, perfect for small and medium-sized residential and commercial projects. Concrete is also becoming more common, where solid concrete is used to hold the wet concrete until it hardens.

What is the difference between falsework and formwork?

Falsework includes scaffolding and any other type of temporary structure that is used by workers until the permanent structure is up and running. Falsework is more than just scaffolding. It refers to all the equipment and even the people required to sustain a development until it is self-supporting. Equipment for both may have to be purchased from a reliable third-party due to the hazards and risks of construction. Talk to a professional to find out more about what your legal requirements are. As a heads up - you have a lot of regulations to adhere to for both.

What is the difference between scaffolding and formwork?

There is no relationship between the two. Scaffolding is a temporary structure that allows workers to work in the building. Formwork is a mould used to hold concrete. However, forms do have a tight relationship to something known as ‘shuttering’. This is the temporary mould used to hold the wet concrete.

What are the rules surrounding formwork?

According to Safe Work Australia, forms should be ‘rigid, watertight, braced and tied together to maintain position and shape during construction.’ It should also be able to be removed easily and safely without damaging the formed concrete, or have components that remain as part of the finished structure so the rest can be removed without damaging the structure’. All of this is common sense. It should serve its purpose of letting the concrete harden, where it can then be safely removed without causing damage to the concrete itself. 

For reliable and safe formwork in Perth, call Bob Fougere Carpentry Services on 0439 090 287 today!





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