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Premium Quality Flooring Perth

Are you looking for premium quality flooring in Perth? Visitors really notice a top hardwood floor with a shiny finish. It stands out and enhances the rest of the room. Sadly, it can be a little hard, and costly, to find reliable quality flooring in Perth that meets your expectations. 

The woods have to be the right type and in good condition. The measurements have to be correct. The timber needs to be sanded in the right way with the right tools, and the finish has to be put on correctly. All this takes time, patience, and expertise. 

Thankfully, Bob Fougere Services is passionate about providing the best quality flooring in Perth. Bob is an expert in timber and has been working as a carpenter for 20 years. Putting down solid timber flooring in Perth is one of his personal favourite areas! The floor should be durable, nicely finished, affordable, and a good compliment to the existing area. All this is taken into consideration. 

When Bob recommends flooring, it is not done blindly, without considering all of the variables. As a licensed, certified and insured carpenter, Bob knows all about flooring and has significant experience in this exact area. 

If you are interested in premium quality flooring in Perth, call Bob Fougere on 0439 090 287 today!

What are the best kinds of flooring materials?

There is little debate that timber is one of the most appealing materials to use as a form of flooring. But this is really only the first step. What kind of timber you use and how you varnish and sand the floor afterwards is equally as important as the actual product itself. This is why it is critical for you to get an expert when it comes to quality flooring in Perth, WA.

What kind of timber is best for flooring?

This will depend on your budget. Hardwoods are best and include oak, beech, ash, birch, and maple. The toughest and best-looking floors will be made from hard maple, white oak, pecan, and walnut. But with the right finish and veneer, most wood types are suitable for flooring. After all, wood does not really dent if it is being walked on, regardless of how hard or soft it is. It’s also worth noting that many forms of timber nowadays are composites, made of many different materials.

What is the Janka rating?

The Janka rating is used within the timber industry to ascertain the durability of a given wood. A good Janka rating for quality flooring in Perth would be above 1,000. However, there are other elements to consider, such as the finish and how much use and maintenance the wood will go through. The Janka rating is not the best measure of durability, however. The Australian Timber Flooring Association (‘ATFA’) have devised an alternative method with a table dividing wood types as either soft, moderately hard, hard, and very hard. But even here, the ratings are not as relevant as you would think.

What is a timber floor finish?

The finish on a timber floor is a surface layer that protects the wood and prevents it from warping or cracking. It also adds a nice polish to it so that there is a ‘sheen’ on the floor. A coffee stain that spills onto the bare wood may also prove impossible to remove. There are a variety of finishes you can choose from. You can either go with a glossy shine or opt to preserve the original colour of the wood itself.

What are the different kinds of wood floor finishes?

The most long-lasting wood floor finish would be hard wax oils. They are the most advanced product on the market and are 100% organic. Plus they are great for Australian homes as they allow the wood to ‘breathe’, being microporous. This means that changes in humidity or temperature do not affect the wood. 

However, there are also other types of timber finishes, including water-based polyurethane, oil-based polyurethane, moisture-cured polyurethane, wax finished, and shellac. All of these will do a good job in terms of durability and style. But you have to take the time to apply them correctly. 

If in any doubt, call Bob Fougere on  0439 090 287 for professional advice and premium quality flooring in Perth.





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