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Exquisite Custom Made Doors Perth

There really is no place like home. Which is one reason you will want to have an exquisite front door to enter and leave your house and to wow your guests. Bob Fougere Services can provide you with a tasteful front door with an elegant design, to your exact specifications. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, then Bob can assist. 

The front door is not an area you should skimp out on. At the same time, there is no need to throw money away. Contact us and we can give you all the information we have in relation to custom made doors, the range of materials, what we can do, and what we can’t. 

We can make the custom-made door to your preferences - whether you are looking for environmentally friendly products, a long-lasting door, an affordable door, a stylish and attractive door, or a mix. Or if you simply have no idea what you are looking for, then you can give us a call for some ideas. We can make custom doors for any entryway, not just the front. 

Call Bob Fogere Services on 0439 090 287 for custom made doors in Perth.

What are the benefits of custom made doors in Perth?

The benefits of custom made doors are many. First, you get the exact door that you are looking for. It is unique to you and your preferences. Second, you will be able to have it designed so it insulates your home perfectly well, saving on electricity costs. Third, is that it will be custom made for durability to protect against the weather and for strength to protect against burglars. Finally, because it is custom made, you can ask the carpenter to engrave any particular signs or drawings that you want on them.

What materials are available for custom made doors in Perth?

The most common materials for custom made doors are steel, wood, wood composites, and fibreglass. Each has distinct pros and cons. Wood is probably the most elegant and ornate and is what we work with here at Bob Fougere. We feel it is more artistic, but don’t deny the benefits of other types of doors. Steel is good for insulation and very strong, though it tends to rust with time if not properly maintained. Insulated fibreglass is very durable and thermally efficient, though they are prone to fading. The door can also be made out of glass, though this comes with numerous drawbacks.

What kind of timber is best for custom made doors in Perth?

There is no single best. Maple, mahogany, and oak are great options for a front door. These types look beautiful and are very strong and durable, though they are quite expensive. But don’t lose hope - we are confident of making you a great door in pine, cedar, or any kind of wood, including wood composite. We can also provide a very high-quality finish as well as advice on how to best maintain the door over the long-term.

What are the different types of doors?

There are many exterior door types. The primary categories would be the front door, the storm door, and the patio door. The front door generally takes precedence. There are many subcategories of front doors, but they are primarily classified by their material - chiefly steel, wood, wood composite, or fibreglass. Aluminium and vinyl are also seen now and again.

What are the different door styles?

Trust us - there are too many door styles to go into in any depth! To cover a few, there are flush doors, which are at the same level as the adjacent walls, for a smooth and seamless look. Dutch doors are cut horizontally with a top and bottom. Hinged doors swing to the left or right. Bifold doors are a series of doors hinged together. Finally, French Doors are two doors that swing outwards, with a very elegant appearance when open. We can hang doors regardless of your style. 

For more information on custom made doors in Perth and their applications, call Bob Fougere Services today on 0439 090 287!





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