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Elegant Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Installation

Installing kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets is a great way to increase the value of your home. Nice cabinets make the whole room look better. In contrast, old cabinets can suffer from mould and mildew, and will simply not look as stylish as modern additions. 

If you are in the market for world-class kitchen & bathroom cabinet installations, then you’re in the right place. Bob Fougere Services has over 20 years of professional expertise in making beautiful cabinets for many delighted residents in Perth and Western Australia. Bob has been working with wood for a long time and is passionate about exceeding expectations on each and every project. 

The services provided are affordable, reliable, and completed by a competent, certified, and insured carpenter. You can have an elegant kitchen & bathroom cabinet installation before you know it, at a great rate. 

Call Bob Fougere today on 0439 090 287 for a fast and free quote.

What are the best materials for kitchen cabinets?

Without a doubt, wood is the best material for kitchen cabinets. The question then arises as to what type of wood is best. It’s generally not worth the price going for the more expensive woods like Cedar, Oak, or Maple, though this is an option. Plywood and Medium Density Fibreboard (‘MDF’) are much more common because they are more durable and you can put a nice finish on them to make them complement your kitchen. At Bob Fougere, we recommend using plywood or MDF for your kitchen and bathroom cabinet installation. Save your cash for things that would really benefit from high-quality wood, like flooring, roofing, or timber decking. Of course, you could also use steel for your kitchen, but it does not look the most elegant by any stretch of the imagination. This would mainly be used in commercial kitchens.

Are kitchen and bathroom cabinets the same?

There are many similarities - after all, the purpose of cabinets is to store items. The main difference will lie in the design, and particularly the finish. Bathroom cabinets will often need to be painted white or in a shade that complements the bathroom. They are also typically smaller in size and may have to fit over existing pipes.

What are the most popular cabinet styles?

The primary cabinet styles include flat, shaker, beadboard country style, tongue and groove, sliding, glassdoor, inset and heritage. Even if you are not familiar with these styles, you would probably know them if they were pointed out to you. The style of cabinet that suits the best will depend on the style you have in your kitchen or bathroom.

How do I know the right cabinet style for me?

Well, there’s no easy answer to that question. You should have a good idea when you see it. You can call Bob Fougere for a better idea of what makes for a functional and long-lasting kitchen or bathroom cabinet. The good news is that once you have a clear idea in mind, the cabinet can easily be made and installed. We are not interior design specialists, but we do make fantastic timber products with excellent delivery and installation.

What are the intricacies of cabinet making?

Kitchen cabinets, in particular, offer much in terms of creativity. We can provide you with bespoke kitchen cabinetry that serves a multi-functional purpose or with cabinetry that encourages minimalism and the efficient use of space. We can also offer a custom cabinet design that blends hardwood with wood composites, to offer the best of both worlds. The sky's the limit, but it’s also important to have our feet firmly planted in the sand to deal with costs, measurements, and cabinet longevity. 

For elegant, sophisticated, and durable kitchen & bathroom cabinet installation, call Bob Fougere now on 0439 090 287.





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