How To Find The Best Carpenter In Perth [The Quick and Easy Way]

What do window trim, pergolas, and formwork all have in common? They’re home renovation and building projects that require talented carpentry work. Be sure you choose only the best carpenter in Perth for your job - and here’s how you do it.

It happens to every homeowner eventually - a DIY project turned into a DIY disaster.

Combine a wasted weekend, and almost always at least one broken tool, before you realise you should have left it to the experts. Maybe you were feeling ambitious. Perhaps you didn’t know who else to turn to. Who exactly should you have called instead?

Professional carpenters are often a great source of support (or all-out service) for a wide array of home improvement projects.

This includes everything from residential carpentry, commercial carpentry, roof carpentry, right down to construction carpentry.

Carpentry is a highly skilled trade, so while they may seem commonplace, you’ll have to sift through swaths of pop-up shops to find the best carpenter in Perth. Targeting talent, reputation, and cost are just the start of your search.

The difference between good and great carpentry services

If you really think about it, carpentry is an art.

An individual (or team) takes timber and creates structures that range in scale and scope. It can be easy to take for granted mitered trim, complex gabled roofing, or ornate cabinetry. Those timber projects with the most stunning results are produced by the best carpenters there are in the trade.

Good or novice carpenters are (hopefully) capable of reading blueprints or following instructions. They can get the job done to (hopefully) satisfactory results. What they may lack, however, is the ability to spot problems before they arise or get creative with customisation. You want to hire someone that is looking out for you, not looking into how fast they can move on to the next gig.

Great carpentry work takes precision and finesse.

The most experienced will have feedback and suggestions throughout a project to forestall issues or offer even better solutions to a project. They’ll also have a robust portfolio of diverse work, showcasing a wide variety of project talent. Epic carpenters are able to add character and design to their jobs. These are skilled craftsmen and master woodworkers. The final results – from custom pergolas designed for your garden to elaborate cornice work surrounding your dining room – are truly one of a kind.

Why it’s worthwhile to work with an expert carpenter

Admitting that a carpenter of any sort rather than resorting to DIY tactics is the first step to a successful project. The pros will be able to complete your project safely, in less time, and with better results than the average homeowner.

Choosing the best carpenter in Perth is the next step.

Here are a few signs of a quality Perth carpenter.

The best carpenters help you save money

The quality of workmanship absolutely matters when it comes to carpentry. Professional carpenters will have all of the tools and training to complete your job to specifications (as well as on time and on budget). This saves you on guesswork, expensive rentals, and buying a mitre saw that will collect dust in your garage henceforth. In fact, you can also save on costs - which is ideal when it comes to commercial projects that need to stay on budget.

The best carpenters can elevate your project

Beyond tools, working with a professional carpentry service will give you a more detailed approach than a general handyman or a general contractor. The skillset will be more in tune with the timber-type jobs you have in mind. In fact, they’ll probably have ideas for you that never crossed your mind before. Their expert recommendations can take your idea from awesome to amazing, and those with your best interests in mind will offer these remarks while remaining on time and within your budget, too.

The best carpenters are fully licensed and insured

Let’s not forget permits and Australian Standards. The best carpenters understand these regulations inside and out so that everything you have built is in 100% compliance. This includes everything from removing load bearing walls to adding a deck to your back garden.

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A universal checklist to finding the best carpenter in Perth for you

So how do you find the best of the best for your carpentry or build project?

There’s no shortage of fly-by-night services in Perth, so you’ll need to whittle down the companies to find the right one for you.

You can take to family and friend recommendations, ads in the local paper, and hours of Google searches to create a list. Then, use this checklist to narrow the field down to the top options.

  1. Do they have experience building the exact type of work you have in mind?
  2. Are they local and well-known in the community?
  3. Do they have positive customer reviews and testimonials online?
  4. How long have they been in business in the area?
  5. What licensing, insurance, and certifications do they have?
  6. Are they a member of any trade associations?
  7. What warranties or guarantees do they provide on materials and workmanship?
  8. How do they communicate project progress with customers?
  9. How involved do they become in the design process?
  10. Do they have a network of suppliers and tradies to pull from?
  11. Are they transparent with their budgeting and expenditures?
  12. Is all work overseen by a master carpenter?
  13. Do their portfolio or gallery pieces match the aesthetic you want?
  14. Are they available for your exact timeframe or completion date?
  15. Do they need you to provide plans or can they help you design your dream build?
  16. Do they cover proper disposal and removal of waste materials from the job site?
  17. What type of payment schedule do they require to get started?
  18. Which types of carpentry work are they most experienced with?
  19. Do they offer to conduct a site visit or provide free quotes for service?
  20. Are they personable and easy to communicate your ideas to?

What other carpentry pros won’t tell you (but we will!)

It’s a generalisation to say that carpentry can be defined as anything to do with timber, but it’s also rather true. What you’ll want to watch for, however, as you choose a carpenter, is whether a company is hyper-specialised in a particular type of carpentry.

Many firms will use vague terms to explain their abilities. Do your research and ask specifically about the types of work you want done before you choose a carpenter. A nod of confirmation from a potential tradie is not enough. Ask to see samples of work they have done recently and to talk to that customer about their experience.

Here’s why this matters.

Subsets of carpentry include framing, formwork, finishing, and cabinetry. So, someone who solely works on framing may not have the experience you want for elaborate cabinetry work. You could end up with subpar results or paying more to have the work outsourced to yet another craftsman.

Choosing a carpenter is not enough. Choosing an experienced carpenter is not enough. You’ll want to choose the best carpenter that has years of direct experience producing the exact type of carpentry work that you’re in search of.

For the best carpentry in Perth, call Bob Fougere

Bob Fougere is a master, certified carpenter with over 20 years of experience and a passion for providing homeowners with quality, transparent services. All of the work performed by the team at Bob Fougere Carpentry Services is backed by a 12-month workmanship warranty with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

Our team is well versed in new builds, repairs, and renovations of all kinds from structural framing right down to door hanging. Explore all of the services we offer throughout Perth or reach out to us on 0439 090 287 about your upcoming project.


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