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How To Find The Best Carpenter In Perth [The Quick and Easy Way]

What do window trim, pergolas, and formwork all have in common? They’re home renovation and building projects that require talented carpentry work. Be sure you choose only the best carpenter in Perth for your job - and here’s how you do it. ...

October 19, 2021

How Much Does Wall Removal Cost in Perth? 2021 Price Guide

Tired of the same old layout in your home? It’s easy to think you’re stuck with your current layout, but switching up the floor plan might not be as impossible as you think. With a professional residential or commercial carpenter, you can create an open floor plan or expand a room size just by removing or relocating a wall. If you’re looking to transform your living space without spending your life savings, this can be a significantly more appealing option than demolishing entire rooms and...

August 4, 2021

2021 How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Carpenter in Perth?

Carpenters typically work on the construction of building materials to make your home livable. To hire a carpenter in Australia, it can cost you as low as $40 per hour for menial jobs and as high as $120 per hour for complex structures. There are several factors that can affect the final price of a carpentry job such as the size of the project, where you are located, and the materials used to finish the job....

May 24, 2021

8 Crucial Questions To Ask Your Perth Carpenter

Looking for a carpenter in Perth? There are plenty of options whether you look on Airtasker, the Yellow Pages or Google carpenters in your local suburb. But with 47,126 carpenters across Australia, not all carpenters are the same. Anyone can claim they know how to install cabinets or fix your fixtures, but the devil is in the detail. Like any service, you should compare carpenters and be prepared to ask the tough questions to separate the average from the awesome. At Bob Fougere Carpentry Servic...

April 8, 2021 Posts 1-4 of 4 | Page

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